so big so beautiful

My first oven.  I loved that oven.  I was baking calzones one night while Kyle was at work.  I put the first batch in and after a while I noticed something was wrong.  The elements had been pretty curled  for a while, but now the top element was dead.  Really annoying, because frying those calzones was not easy and certainly not pretty (still tasted good of course).

That little red oven came from RT-Mart and cost 600 yuan ($100).  It was small, but it baked everything.  I could only do four bagels at a time. Six cookies. One loaf of bread.  It took some time but I had acquired all the muffin tins and pans that would fit.

As soon as it broke, Kyle was all over it.  The plan was to get it fixed. Kyle found the restaurant supply street (just west of the clock tower), and his findings were amazing.  Huge ovens, huge (and yes they could fix our oven).  I was becoming happy that my little red oven had broke however.  We fit it on the scooter with the both of us and headed to the shops.  I’ve always loved that about Asian countries: you need bathroom fixtures, you go to the bathroom supply street; you need a tractor, you head to the heavy machinery street; you need an industrial fridge, stop at the restaurant supply street.  The shops had proper ovens which you would see in a commercial bakery, along with industrial pizza ovens… one day.

There was the complete line of Shang Hao ovens at the shop.  They were nice, and massive.  I left our little red oven behind to be fixed and headed home with dreams of baking a dozen at the same time.

The soonest day which Kyle had some free time landed on Valentine’s Day. Coincidence? I think so. I came home after class and there was a new oven in my kitchen with a red balloon on top.  Really exciting, couldn’t be happier, I was giddy.  Of course I had dough in the fridge ready to go (doesn’t everyone always have 2kg of dough slowly fermenting in the fridge?).  Fifty litres of available space, the option of two racks at one time, a rotisserie and a three pan pizza rotisserie, even a convection option.  Love it



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