deep frying: churros

Kyle once bought me a churro from 7-11 back in Vancouver but otherwise my only churro memories are from Disneyland.

Beaver’s tails, elephant ears, whatever you call them, they’re all deep-fried sugary cinnamon goodness.

Finding a recipe for Spanish churros, I thought screw it, I’m going to deep fry some dough. On the west coast, we’re so adverse to deep frying. It’s just uncommon, most people don’t own deep-fryers and don’t do much of it, if any, at home. I didn’t think about how unfortunate that is until the other day. My Newfie friend explained how his family does a lot of deep-frying on the east coast, it’s of course very common. I’d love to buy a deep-fryer. All you health obsessed people are likely cringing but come on, deep fried food done properly, is a-mazing. It annoys me when people won’t admit that.

The foodblogs made it look and sound so easy. My first attempt was not.  We finished dinner rather early so I figured it would be a nice sweet snack (since we were out of chocolate covered peanut mm’s). I’ve been doing this for a while yet I still don’t trust my gut.  My dough was too wet, it was obvious. However, I still scooped the dough into the piping bag, and fried off one gloopy mess before I stopped and added more flour. I essentially doubled the amount of flour before I got a decent consistency and even then the dough was still quite loose.  Kyle helped me fry and toss with sugar and cinnamon while I piped swirls and sticks into the oil.

Too wet or not, can you really go wrong with deep fried dough? I think not. So now I have about a litre of peanut oil sitting on my counter willing me to deep-fry again. I’ve already found the recipe: doughnuts crispy creme style.

Adapted from The Sophisticated Gourmet
Makes enough for two people to pig out on

118.5 g water
28.4 g salted butter
50 g sugar
1/2 tsp lemon zest

Remove from heat, add
100 g a.p.flour (63.5g in non-humid conditions)

Return to med heat and stir constantly until ball forms (~1.5 min)
Transfer to bowl and cool for 3 min.

Add; beat til smooth (~3min)
1 egg room temp
*I may need another 20 g of flour at this point (dough should be less thick than playdo but not oozing)

Heat 2 inches of oil in heavy-bottomed pot: 375°
Less than a minute on each side
Toss immediately
1/2 tsp cinnamon
12.5 g sugar
Sprinkle with salt
crispy outside, soft and airy inside

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