Oven roasted vegetables with just salt and pepper, a sprinkle of lemon juice if I have it on hand, is simply delicious.  I don’t know why I grew up on steamed vegetables when they can be done like this.

Pizza Dough
Peter Reinhart's
Yield: 3  med rectangle pans
10 oz bread flour
7 oz H20
1 oz oil
9 g salt
3/4 tsp yeast
Usually ends with a total weight of 20 oz
Knead 7 min clear sides not bottom - sticky
Divide into 3 - ferment in oiled boil - til doubled (2 hours)
On floured surface stretch out
250° til toasted crispy
Place toppings
-garlic, anchovies, capers, onion, olives, basil
-anchovies and cheese
Bake til cheese melts


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