i poisoned kyle

Literally, I poisoned Kyle last night.  The night before last, we bought oysters from our local market for the first time ever.

When we go to the proper seafood market, we buy oysters without worry.  The ladies crack them open right then and there, we know they’re fresh.  At our market however, they arrive pre-shucked.  Cause for a little concern (The ridiculous thing is that we’ll order oysters when we go out for BBQ (sometimes with regret), and of course there are no food safety procedures at BBQ.  [BBQ : a make-shift eatery, with a cancer ridden coal fired BBQ, offering a wide variety of barbecued everything. For  vegetables, the best is eggplant (cut in half lengthwise, nice lather of oil, heaps of garlic and ginger – it’s tender and gooey deliciousness). Another favorite is bbqd garlic cloves (which we just discovered).  As for meat, they have it all. Goat skewers are certainly everyone’s favouvrite. Tiny niblets of rich savouvry meat and the perfect proportion of melt in your mouth fat.  No matter how unsanitary the food, the favorites are delicious. That, cheap beer and good friends is what brings you back. Besides the 24h McDonald’s and KFC, which we have been known to frequent, BBQ is the only food you can get at any hour of the night. It’s actually quite neat to see. After hours, along all the major streets in the city, the pink chairs and stools come out and the sidewalks are alive with people eating BBQ and slamming their glass of beer – gan bei’ing until a case of beer has been drunk.

So anyways, why were we so worried about having oysters at home? I don’t know. Ignorance can be bliss.

Luckily, because they were so good, the oysters didn’t poison him (Kyle coated them in bread crumbs and then fried them off… on a bed of micro greens and a splash of lemon juice, oh so good).  Unfortunately however, it was something I prepared, cooked and fed to him which poisoned him. He was up all night, slept all day and out of commission for a while (Thankfully, the Shuangdao students had exams the next day, to which we were tipped off, so I just went in to collect the signatures). I’m incredibly paranoid about food safety now.

Assuming Kyle would not be eating for the next few days, I made soda bread to be able to give him something.

Oat Soda Bread
5 oz oats - (process 3 of the 5 oz into flour)
4 oz apf
4 oz whole wheat flour
2 tsp baking soda
1 1/4 tsp salt

Make a well,
342 g Buttermilk = 322g milk +20g vinegar

Milk wash, top with oats, seeds, salt

205° on centre rack
30-40 min

A wet mess. Knead in the bowl and then turn onto floured surface to form a boule.

Finally opened the bag of Whole Wheat flour I packed in my suitcase last Christmas


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