the chewy chocolate chip cookie

If you’re going to be the favourite aunt and uncle, I figure you must have a great chewy chocolate chip cookie recipe (in fact, I would say every mother needs this type of recipe, but writing that would be completely immature).  Here it is:


The Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
Yeild: 18 cookies
115g butter
Cream in:
145g brown sugar
65g white sugar

Whisk in for a few minutes until fluffy:
10g vanilla
10g egg yolk
37 g egg

Just fold in:
165g all-purpose flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
200g chocolate chips

Drop 2 tbsp onto parchment
3inches apart  (6 on lrg pan)

6 to 6.5 minutes
Edges brown quickly at the end
Continue to brown after out of oven


The above were made with imported all purpose flour.


These were made with local cake flour (I bought it off one of the bakeries at my local market.  They likely think I’m so odd.  Before, I asked them to sell me their loaf tins.  They said no.  When I saw them using a rolling pin and toasted bread to make bread crumbs, I immediately bought a jin.  Again, they sold it to me but thought it was the weirdest thing.) I thought this batch was actually better – chewier. Plus, I can’t afford to buy 2.5 kg of imported Gold Medal All-Purpose Flour for 60 yuan.



One comment

  1. Stef

    Hey, I thought I would try this recipe out……… but then I was overwhelmed with your measurments being in grams!!! I will figure it out it just may take a little longer to prepare!
    I’m sure you guys will be the favourite Aunt and Uncle with or without the cookies!!!!!!! Miss U both and hope to see u soon.

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