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Back in March I stumbled upon Saveur Best Food Blog Awards for 2011.  All day, for days, I scrolled through the winners and the nominees.  I must have bookmarked over a hundred recipes.  I was so excited, and actually quite inspired, to cook and bake that is.  However, of course the photographer dork came out as well.  Rest assured, I am aware how amateur my pictures look.  I’m not trying overly hard in that department (but am finding it incredibly amusing).  After the summer holidays, I will at least buy a white plate for taking shots. (Annoying: the light in my kitchen after sunset is awful)

Blogging about our trips is something we’ve said we were going to do for years.  So, this is what started it. (And at work was when I wrote. Love my grade 5 and grade 4 Chinese teachers at Shuang Dao.  The top grade 5 classes were mine, and the Chinese, English teacher loved drilling the students.  Starting back in October she said, in her broken English, “I will teach today.” OK, fine by me (only insulted for a brief moment).  On Wednesday and Friday mornings, I would arrive to work at 8am and sit at a desk until 9:45.  In the beginning, I brought my Chinese books to work and studied.  My Putonghua was great, I could speak quite well.  Ever since March however, all studying has ceased and I’ve been using the time to fill the pages of this blog.  Around that time the grade 4 teacher joined in and would also teach 3 or 4 of my classes per week (good thing too, because I lost my Wednesday classes).  Man it was nice.  About two months ago, the grade 5 teacher told me I could teach.  Then I discovered that if I show up after the bell rings, she’ll start teaching, allowing me to slip in the back and sit down.

Recently, my blogroll nearly doubled. The 2012 Awards were handed out.

In all the excitement of finding these great food blogs, I photographed some items of food.



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