sightseeing: phuket

The Big Buddha in Phuket.

Under construction when we were there in during the summer of 2011. Only the base had to be completed. I would think it’s finished by now.


A nice little tourist activity. You could buy a tile, write something on the back and those tiles would be used to cover the surface of the Buddha. I think Kyle wrote “Free Xi Zang”.  Having just gotten engaged, in my girly state, I embarrassingly wrote something about love (hardy har).


Certainly one of the more beautiful Buddhas we’ve visited. It’s perched on a mountain top, providing you with some nice views of the city.


(Ladies, be respectful and cover your shoulders and knees with a sarong) – years ago, they use to really enforce this, handing out sarongs even. Not so much, at all, anymore. I don’t like that. Not cool. Please, do inconvenience the foreign tourist in order to maintain a strong culture (even when it’s a cost to the economy, especially then. Sorry, but otherwise you’ll end up like China, no offense).




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