at last: a bundt cake

I try to bake for our friends as much as possible.  There’s a lack of good confections here so I’m pretty sure they appreciate it.  I do test new recipes with them however, which isn’t the best idea.  Especially with this chocolate cake for our friend’s birthday.  I really wanted to make a bundt cake though and this was one of my bookmarked bundt cake recipes (last Christmas I packed a bundt pan and a tube pan, and had yet to use either).

It was a slight disaster (by no means fault of the recipe).  I have yet to perfect the high humidity baking.  I don’t have a photo of the final cake because we went bowling so I served it there and waited until then to ice it.  It did not look pretty by then.


After coming out of the oven, the cake sunk pretty quickly.  I packed the it up for transport with a thin pliable cutting board to serve it on.

I made mom’s dream whip + instant jello pudding, icing recipe.  It’s not very sweet, which I knew, but I’ve decided I won’t make this anymore.  Tastes too much like pudding, I don’t enjoy it.  Kyle suggested the icing would be alright, as long as the cake was sweet enough.  I broke off a nibble from the bottom.  It wasn’t sweet at all.  Now, we are meant to leave in 30 minutes and I need to make some sweet icing and shower.  It was quite a rush but I managed.  Mixing some cocoa, sugar, milk and some of the pudding icing.


We bowled a frame. I actually bowled a new personal high score, 141.   I went to take the cake out and realized the cutting board had been leaning up against the cake and smushed half of it.  Lovely.  I poored the icing over the half flattened cake – it was much too runny. Mike commented that it looked really good, “saucy” and he wasn’t being sarcastic (I liked his choice of adj.).

I should have photographed a slice of the cake with my phone.  It did look good: a thin layer of glossy icing and then more drizzled on top.  The centre was moist.  Perhaps too moist.  I’ve never had bread pudding but the cake had the texture of what I would imagine bread pudding has.

Everyone really did like it.  Of course however, I used imported cocoa, not Chinese).  That was one of the first comments, “It’s real chocolate.”  I always use Kyle as the true, only judge.  He doesn’t lie, if it’s bad, he says so.  He thought it was good.

The cake was a good flavour. Not sweet and worked well with a sweet icing (which the recipe did call for-oops {in my defense, it was my second ever cake made from scratch}).  I would like to try it again, it looks so good on 101 Cookbooks.


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