australian lamb

We bought some Australian lamb from Rogers, the import store.


It was two racks totaling 1.3 kg.

Kyle did them two ways.  With the chops, he likes to do a brown sugar, garlic and cinnamon rub, which caramelizes when he pan fries them.  However, this evening he was called to the Public Security Bureau at 7:30 to deal with his visa for next year.  The chops had to go into the fridge and were left for the next night.  It turned into more of a marinade so when seared there was no caramelizing action.  Cooked very well though, a nice medium rare.

Had to have fresh bread for our lamb dinner.  I hadn’t made my bread in a while.  I forgot how good bread is.



What a beautiful crumb (same recipe I use for my buns. Except that I preheat a dutch oven pot (with lid) at 250 degrees for at least 30 minutes while the loaf is doing it’s 2 hour rise.  Just as the loaf has nearly doubled, I toss it in the pot for 30 minutes and bake with the lid on.  Turn the oven down to 230 and bake for another 30, until internal temp reaches 205.


The rack was very nice. The fat cap was slightly too thick.  I think Kyle will trim it next time.  A mustard, rosemary, curry and breadcrumb crust. Tasty.

Served with a caper vinaigrette salad, baked asparagus (15yuan/jin, cheap) and a corn, carrot and Chinese raddish hash.  I baked the crap out of half of the hash ingredients, yet still very nice.

(I realize I was meant to take the tin foil off)


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