Original loaf poolish – KA French baguette


Mixed at 2 am
Original quarter loaf
107g bread flour
108 all purpose
173 whey
1/8 tap yeast
5 g salt

9:15 am mixed dough
100% original quarter loaf
100g bread flour
60g water

Mix 2 min
Knead 10
Dumped onto flour board
Divided into three
Shaped and placed on baguette form pan
30 minutes in*

4 hours in
First into oven.
Impossible to score, too wet.

Both first and second (no scoring), flatbread.

5:20 in
Last into oven, on middle rack

Lots of irregular holes, 6 sizes, creamy crumb, crunchy crust. Good flavour – * use only whey

Minimal rise.

Quite good flatbread





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