Hokkaido milk toast


Used all milk but added cream powder (16g)

Made the
tangzhong (湯種 enough to make two loafs):
50g bread flour
250ml milk

Mixed constantly
After three min started come together at bottom
Stirred for 2-3 min
Play dough like

Slow to come together
Necessary to melt butter?
Added of sourcream-yoghurt
Kneaded for 1hr 20
Window pane still wasn’t even
Time: 1:40

1.5 hr bulk rise (3x)

50 minutes to shape
8 (70g each) small into large loaf tin
4 (140g) large into Pullman loaf pan

Time: 5:17
Into oven
Out at 6

Buns were too tall for a sandwich. Fluffy, tearable crumb. Real nice, Good flavour, just barely sweet.

*do half recipe and 35g pieces = 16 baby buns
*brush with egg wash 2-3 times

# intense kneading
# full long bulk rise
# proper shaping – tight & UNIFORM
# can sub butter for oil 5-15%
# Pullman shaping: divide dough. Roll into oval and roll up. Rest 10. Roll into oval along old seam. Roll up, tighter than first. Place seam down in pan. Tripled.
# brush with butter when warm
# 24% egg whites




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