Rosemary potato bread


Enriched, standard dough, indirect method.

Kneaded the biga for twenty minutes. Had two sweet spots. Super smooth and nice.

Done at 00:35

Folded dough and into fridge at 2:47

10:51 knocked back

20:30 knocked back

Next day
21:13 biga out of fridge
21:36 start kneading
22:06 into oiled bowl
00:10 pre shaped
00:27 shaped into boules
00:43 started final rise
2:41 into oven
2:03 out

Overproofed a bit. Tried scoring but just collapsed.
Nice caramelization on the ones in the back of the oven.
Tasty. Like the black pepper.

* brush on more oil
* cut parchment for each bun just after shaping.



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