Poolish naan pizza


100 g flour
144 g whey
1/16 tsp yeast
Left out overnight and then into fridge in morning.

Mixed dough at 4 pm
254 g flour
1 tsp salt 6g 2%
1 tsp sugar 4g 1.5%
Just under 1tsp yeast 3g 1%
75 g water (175 no poolish 69%)
2 tbsp oil 27g 10%
2.5 tbsp 62 g sourcream/yoghurt 24%
All the poolish

Kneaded, french style for five minutes
Into oiled bowl

More than doubled by 6pm. Shaped into three boules. (~220g/)
Doubled and into fridge around 745-8
Stretched at 8:30
Stretched onto parchment, twice and baked on stone
*** stretch EARLY, allowing 20-30 minute rest between stretches.
Stone didn’t act so hot (over an hour preheat), bottom crust didn’t get so crispy.
Cheese was finished before the dough.
Dough was great however. Very soft.
**back to double baking


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