Sourdough Diary (Haikou Mother)

Week 1

Wednesday May 22

Night: 56/56 whey = 112

1/4+1/8 tsp yeast

Always sleeps in fridge!


(1/2 cup, raised to 1)

Morning: 56/56 water = 224

1 cup, raised to 2

Night: 113/112 whey =450

Friday night

Had doubled.

Mixed basic sourdough loaf

88 g whey

110 g starter (450-110 = 340)

150 g flour

5 g salt

Saturday morning

Sourdough biga, knocked back, added 60?g starter, shaped and into fridge at 10:30 am

Proofed in fridge. Baked around 7 for 30 minutes. Cooled for 1:20.





 Feeding the mother: am

250 g starter (weigh in)

125 water

125 flour

Sunday am:

Feeding the mother

100g mother

50g cold water

50g bread flour = 200 g total

Bran sourdough:

75 g ap flour

75 g bread flour

150 g mother 50%

=300 g  flour

65% water

2% salt 6 g

2 tbsp bran





 Monday pm:


150g mother

75g cold water

75g bread flour = total 300g


Tuesday am:

Mother had risen 15%, sat on counter for three hours and nearly doubled. Only 90% rise.


Feeding the mother:

100g mother

50g cold water

50g bread flour

Mixed a Spiced Dried Fruit Loaf:

60% starter 170 g mother

200 g flour (TF= 285g)

86g water (TW= 171g, 60%)

75g c/raisins, soaked 110g 30%

1/2 tsp cin

1/8 all spice

1/4 nutmeg





Week 2

Wednesday pm:


Feeding the mother:

50g mother

25g water

25g b flour  = T 100


Sourdough OG loaf:

150 g mother

50g ap flour

50g b flour TF= 175g

65g water TW= 140g 80%

4g salt 3.5%

1am Mixed thoroughly and places in oiled bowl on counter.

Once doubled, fold in bowl.

Rest 20 min.

Shape into three small baguettes.

Flour on top and into fridge overnight.


830am, hadnt risen much, put on counter for 30 minutes but shouldnt have. Back in to fridge. 12:00 bake. 250C average for 18 minutes.








Saturday am:

Feeding the mother

50g mother

25g cold water

25g flour


Sunday pm:

Started feeding with a grind of salt.


Monday pm feeding

Tuesday am:

Doesn’t seem to double in fridge. Placed on counter for a few hours, grew but not double. Fed and left in bedroom, grew 2.5 times.

Tuesday pm:

Fed and placed back in fridge



50g mother

65 g whey  Tliquid 90g  60%

125g flour TF 150g

4g salt

1/10 tsp yeast

2 tsp poppy seed

1 tbsp bran


Rise for 1.5 hours

Shaped and into fridge overnight.



12 pm bake 28 min at 230C

Sprinkled with flour and scored







New York deli rye bba

Refreshed starter in am. Left on counter until doubled. Once doubled, mixed starter ingredients, onions etc. on counter til bubbly.


Mixed starter with rest of dough.  4 g salt. No need for extra yeast.

Rose a lot in fridge in few hours.

Shaped and onto loaf pan

Folded bread once after 30 minutes. Should have again just before going in oven. Loaf sprawled and flattened. Good flavour.









20% rye original loaf


20/20 on counter

Add 20/20 whey

40/40 some whey on counter

Mix final dough

20% rye 50g

120g flour : 200 TF

120g water

5 g 2% salt

1/16 yeast spike






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